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What style of martial arts do you teach? Our Students practice Meibukan Goju-Ryu Karate-Do, which is a combination of hard and soft styles and Meibukan Weapons. We also practice Ryuku kobudo weapons.

Which Martial Arts style is the best? There is no right answer to this question. There are many martial arts styles, and only you can decide which style is best suited to you. In addition to considering the style, it is equally important to find a qualified teacher, and a school where you feel comfortable and where the philosophy is one in which you can embrace, and benefit from.

What benefits can I expect from practicing Karate? While the majority of the people Begin taking Karate to either get into shape and/or learn self-defense there are actually many other benefits: Increased Self-Confidence and Self-Discipline-Improved Flexibility, Coordination, Balance, Endurance-Improved Memory and Concentration-Reduce Stress and Anxiety.

Do I need a previous Martial Arts experience? No, In fact, many of our students have come to us without any martial arts training. With Consistent practice and hard work, they quickly progress.

What age is too old to practice? No age is ever too old. We have members from 4-70 currently practicing at our dojo. All students progress at their own level, depending on their previous level of activity.

What age do you accept children into your program? Our little ninja's program is for children from 4-6 year olds.

Am I(or my child) going to get hurt or injured practicing Karate? While it isn't possible to prevent all injuries in any activity, our programs are designed to help students safely increase flexibility and strength gradually. Proper training has the effect of making you less prone to injury. Our students train as partners, not opponents and we are highly committed to maintaining a safe environment.

Do you Spar in class? Sparring is included in our more advanced classes. Students use protective gear. No Student spar until they have demonstrated the required level of control and skill to spar safely.

Do you train Weapons? Yes, students train in Meibukan Weapons such as: bo, nunchaku, sai and tunfa. As well our students have the opportunity to train in Ryuku Kobudo Weapons.

How much do classes cost? Our classes start as low as $100 per month, and vary from there depending on what class.

I'd like t try a class, how do I get started? Call us today, and schedule a convenient time for a free trial class.

What should I wear for my free class? Wear loose comfortable clothes. Chose a top and pants that are loose and don't restrict your movement.

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